Does Portage fit on all bikes?

Yes, Portage can be installed on all "U" bikes provided there is a luggage rack thanks to our "U" bar. This fits all seats and attaches directly to the rear rack of the bike.
You need to make sure you have enough space behind the seat to slide and attach the U-bar to the bike (the width of the U-bar is 4.5cm, so a 5cm gap is sufficient).

Is Portage visible at night?

Yes, Portage in all its colors is visible at night thanks to its reflective bands and logo.

Is Portage waterproof?

Portage is more water-repellent than waterproof, which makes the child breathe better. Portage remains a product made for rain, and only heavy rain that lasts for hours will be able to enter Portage.

Is Portage bulky?

Portage naturally hugs a child sitting in a seat. Once the trip is over, you can either fold the Portage or simply unclip it.

In which box is Portage sent?

In a box per 50cm x 50cm x 10cm (3kg)

Is shipping subject to customs fees?

Customs charges may apply for countries outside the EU.